What we do but are NOT limited to!


Music Production, Music Marketing and Songwriting 

At the core of Ruck B Media we are creators, producers, composers, songwriters and musicians. Humanity cannot defy or deny its utter dependance on music and sonic inputs. We ave written songs for professional sports teams, international non profit organizations, weddings, political figures, artists, universities, and much more. It is our job to understand the purpose entirely to ensure that sonically, melodically and structurally we are communicating purpose and intention in music. There is no songwriting task too difficult for us to tackle- our team is collaborative, diverse and successful! 


Video, Digital Media &Commercial Production

The psychology of music, visual content, purpose and intention is at the core of our media production efforts. We are able to assemble diverse teams of product endorsers, artists, composers, photographer, and much more to create EPIC media content and campaigns. It it our goal to tell your story and exclaim your brand!

Management and Publishing 

Ruck B Media manages and publishes for a small, focused, lean, and intentional group of artists, songwriters and composers. Our international network of do'ers and movers and shakers allows us great human capital and reach as it pertains to getting an artist to where they want to be, and working directly with songwriters to nourish and feed their talents while finding purpose and placements for their creations! 

Music Education 

Ruck B Media is a national leader and innovator as it pertains to music education. We operate alliance and network of 12 school districts, reaching over 20,000 students per year providing music education, curriculum