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Music Education…

Ruck B Music is a national leader in developing, implementing and evaluating innovative music education. As a music production and publishing company, our innovative approach to teaching music to K-12 students is rooted in the foundations of creating, producing and recording. Young people today, from our experience, are needing deeper, richer and more career oriented music education. Relevancy is important to students today. Nationally there is an effort to uproot a great deal of music and arts programming in the schools and we are here to not only prevent that, but help schools and music educators innovate and meet students where they are, not where we want them to be!


Ruck B Music is partnered with over 12 school districts throughout the US, and we are eager to make new relationships and spread the good news to as many educational facilities as possible. We do NOT have a “canned” approach. Each of our partnerships looks a little different from the other, but what they all have in common in innovation, relevancy, parent and community engagement and a tangible, lifelong end product for students.

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