Work with us - There is nothing we can't do! 

Music, media and production is all that we do, all day long- it our goal to use our talents, resources, and ideas to advance your goals and your intentions! 

  • Music Media and Production

  • Commercial Media Production

  • Film Scores

  • Artist Writing Support

  • Artist Management

  • Songwriting and Publishing

  • Music Education Training and Development

  • Marketing and Political Campaign Support

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Ruck B Media Billing & Mailing

P.O. Box 11203 Minneapolis, MN 55411 612 298 6651

Oak Park Studios-                  

1701 Oak Park Ave N

Minneapolis, MN 55411                                            

612 787 3733

Staff and Creators:

Kyle Rucker, founder, owner, lead creator

Osblado Vega, producer, composer

Quinn Buenzow, operations assistant, finance assistant

Support Staff

Thoman Leehan, video, design and visual production

Jessica Yang, artist management and development

Joe Voth, composer, music educator, creator 

Guillermo Bonilla, video production